Since 25 years and from 1984, CESL s.a.r.l a sister company of Webco s.a.r.l has started importing and installing thermal solar systems for hot water distribution systems. In the year 2000 Webco s.a.r.l took over the CESL solar activities and services and decided to extend those activities to include larger applications in Renewable Energy with the hard belief that the R.E and Green products are the future for this region and for the world. Webco s.a.r.l is now focusing its activities in the following solar applications:
- Solar thermal systems for hot water production and heating systems
- Solar based steam production
- Solar P.V generation on-grid and off-grid using mono and polycrystalline modules as well as integrated PV on roof, façades or as parapets or sun protection elements.


Regulus founded in 1992 in  Prague, is a pure Czech-owned company is employing  more than120  specialists and  highly- qualified workers.

Regulus, with its filial companies in Slovak Republic, Poland and Romania, is continuously growing with new markets in other countries after having acquired a solid reputation with engineers, contractors and  consultants for  its well designed range of products


Based on a long experience, Regulus is  developing  its own products to meet the needs of the customers and project  requirements. Some of products are protected by domestic and foreign patents. Also Regulus has introduced products of worldwide recognized manufacturers under its own brand name. Thanks to Regulus own laboratories were they test the new products using their own  testing and  measuring facilities; so Regulus can guarantee high quality and reliability of all their product  range  such  as solar collectors, flat plate and evacuated tubes and other parts of solar systems, heat pumps, fireplace inserts, accumulation tanks, domestic hot water storage heaters, ventilation units with heat recovery, heating and solar controllers, pump groups … 

Regulus is permanently increasing  investments into its own production facilities in order to offer high quality products at reasonable prices.

Solar collectors:

Regulus is also one of few European companies manufacturing Evacuated tube solar collectors in Czech Republic. In fact, evacuated tube  collectors excel thanks to their parameters especially under severe conditions, like low sunshine intensity (overcast),  very low ambient temperatures (winter operation) or high temperatures of the primary fluid.

There are 2 lines of Regulus evacuated tube collectors with U-tubes: KTU and KTU R2. KTU collector has no reflector sheet but has more tubes that utilize the full absorption area in a wide solar angle of 110°.KTU collectors offer a more even power output throughout the year. KTU R2 collector is fitted with a large shaped reflector that concentrates solar radiation from a large area to the tube absorption surface. KTU R2 collectors offer a higher peak power output.

In addition,  Regulus is offering wide range of flat plate solar collectors, from various models, origins and characteristics, with a strong frame, 6cm thick insulation, Aluminum or copper absorber and antireflection glass, to economic models suitable for all-year-round DHW heating.