Sustainable Energy Solutions

WEBCO s.a.r.l, was aiming to provide engineering and trading services by introducing in Lebanon new technologies in the plumbing, HVAC and Renewable Energy sectors.

Today, Webco is proud to be an innovative Engineering & Energy services provider to the building industry promoting Green building awareness and assisting building developers to use and implement sustainable energy and energy efficiency solutions.

Webco can provide a wide range of services covering design, supply and supervision services as well as its expertise to the building designers and owners in order to create high performance, healthful, durable, affordable and environmentally sound commercial & residential buildings.

Webco can, for example, carry out, in the Renewable energy field, the design of an active solar water thermal system for hot water applications, pool heating, space heating and solar cooling as well as a solar PV system for electricity generation or back up power.

In Ventilating applications Webco can carry out the modeling services using the Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) software mainly for enclosed car parking levels designed with jet fan systems necessary for the simulation and evaluation of air movement, pollution concentration and fire/smoke management according to the international norms described by ASHRAE, NFPA and CIBSE guides .

In plumbing system Webco can assist the project designer in identifying the best & appropriate water efficiency system as well as grey water treatment process, and consequently contribute with the designer & building owner to obtaining points toward a local or International certification available to companies that adopt certain water saving initiatives such as reducing the potable water consumption for irrigation by 50%, eliminating the use of potable water or other natural surface or subsurface water resources all together, using innovative wastewater strategies, reducing overall building water use by 20% or 30% etc

By respecting the above Webco supports the environmental performance and plays an active role in the sustainability global solutions.

  • Projects study and evaluation
  • Value engineering
  • Implementation of E.E., W.E. and R.E. systems
  • Design & Engineering concepts
  • Technical supports