• +GF+ JRG

      The Swiss company JRG was founded in 1887  in Sissach-Switzerland. With its high quality red gun metal foundry and know-how   JRG was the inventor in 1978  of the revolutionary water distribution system JRG Sanipex  pipe in pipe system as well as the cone grip union joining technique allowing a full flow water system.
      In 2002 JRG developed  the Sanipex MT all-plastic system made of Pex-Alu-Pex pipe with plastic fittings having the same jointing technology with dimensions up to 63 mm diameter.
      In 2005, JRG launches the new line water treatment with its chalk treatment devices, JRG Coral force.

      In 2008 Georg Fischer AG Schauffhausen acquired the entire capital of JRG offering today a complete solution, integrating comfort, sustainability and hygiene.Clean drinking water is a must for health. With the legioStop family, including also bronze valves, we prevent legionella growth that contaminates the drinking water and threatens the health.

      Today the GF JRG family of products comprises:
      - Valves
      - Sanipex Classic
      - Sanipex MT
      - Sanipex Calor
      - Coral force
      - Legiostop & Legiotherm system

      The Geberit Group is the European market leader in sanitary technology with a global presence. From the time of its establishment in 1874, the company has always  been  a pioneer  in the sector, consistently setting new trends with its comprehensive  system solutions.
      Geberit’s  range of products  is designed for use in new buildings as well as in renovation  and modernization projects.
      It comprises High Density Polyethylene Piping Systems from 32 up to 315mm size which offers a variety of solutions for many applications, special noise reduction, and all types of drainage requirements in concrete, above ground, below ground and chemical waste.
      Geberit brand name products are innovative, durable and ecologically efficient and provide high-end sanitary solutions for retailers, plumbers and installers, and end users alike.
    • Dallmer

      100 years of  Dallmer. 50 years of drainage technology. 25 years of drains for under-tile waterproofing.
      It has been a long journey from dallmer first drainage fittings over 50 years ago to the current range with the innovative features and ultra-modern materials.
      That journey  has given dallmer the widest of experience.  
      The results are products suitable for every building technique and secure building drainage of the highest possible quality.
      Drainage by design!
    • Dehoust

      Dehoust, a family owned  company  since 1958, is a manufacturer of containers made  of HD-PE and  steel. In addition Dehoust is manufacturing safe storage fuel tanks with inner tank corrosion free made  of high quality PE with diffusion barrier (PE-Plus) covered  by Dual-Sided galvanised  steel sheet securely welded and edged using most up-to-date machines.
      A special department has developed a grey water recycling  system for private, industrial and public buildings. Thanks to Bio-Membrane Technology guaranteeing  excellent water quality without any additives of chemicals. The sewage from showers, bath tubes and washing basins can  be  reused e.g. for toilet flushing and  irrigation purposes.  The skilled experts of Dehoust guarantee a professional planning and delivering of high-end treatment systems.
    • MIFAB

      MIFAB, established in 1982, is a large manufacturer of commercial plumbing products, which have many features and benefits that have made them the choice of many specifying engineers and contractors.
      MIFAB provides a complete range of cast iron drains with either Stainless steel or nickel bronze gratings.
      The product  line includes:  Cleanouts,  Floor,  Roof and  Area  drains,  Grease, Oil,  Solids separators, Water hammer arrestors, Backflow preventers, Pressure reducing valves, and many other accessories

      SHURJOINT, a mechanical brand of Tyco, delivers a full range mechanical piping components for grooved, plain-end, threaded, hole-cut and ring joint systems for a variety of piping materials. Available products offer contractors, engineers, and distributors faster, more cost-effective tools for joining pipe over traditional welding methods. SHURJOINT Products are  backed  by an industry-leading 10  - year limited warranty.